Friday, August 12, 2011

Napoli Napoli, Monzen Nakacho

If you remember that old, overpriced sushi place called 'Tamon' that used to be just north of the, no one's going to remember that. I talked to people who lived in the neighborhood and didn't know it was there. The point is that it disappeared, and was replaced just before I left with pizza place - a brick-oven, chef-trained-in-Italy, Napoli-fuu pizza place. What a weird idea. I had lunch there after throwing out the rest of my belongings and throwing up my McDonald's breakfast, but before the landlord's agent came to try to extort thousands of extra dollars from me for 'cleaning fees'.

Not everyone was impressed to know that this was my possibly last-ever lunch in Monzennakacho.
Wow, water. I think I was in a peculiar state of mind, or else maybe just trying and failing to be artistic. Other people were drinking bottles of wine, which seems an extreme thing for business lunch.
The chef was in a peculiar state of mind too, which is why the pizza was preceded by a mayonnaise-y salad of gobo. It might be traditional in Italia for all I know.
Bacon and tomato pizza, I don't know. Oh, white pizza with bacon and tomato. I see on their web site that they're into a sorta fusion thing, with Japanese style pizzas (crab and shrimp gratin) on Neapolitan crust. This wasn't, say, Tamburello class, but for a Y1k lunch pizza right next to my apartment, it's a hell of a thing.
So's leaving. It's a hell of a thing.

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