Monday, August 8, 2011

Sakari, Sumiyoshi (らーめん屋 盛)

I've had this thing for Ganko ramen...pretty much since I met the guy who started the style 20+ years ago. It's sort of like meeting someone who started Nouvelle Cuisine or whatnot. Now every time I see a bone outside, and a black sign, I get all jazzed up.

This one is funny because they have a wider menu of prepared food (ganko is usually 'salt or soy sauce, and do you want pork or an egg?), and for a minute I even thought it was a sole proprietorship with a woman doing the cooking. Then I thought it was a couple doing it. Now I'm not sure, because there's also a branch store in Ryogoku.

But you want to see noodles. And here you go. Clear, light soup from the beef bones, eggy, curly noodles, fatty but very thin pork that almost dissolves in the's all there. Ganko places don't make bad bowls.

It's really more a question of whether they're good or great. Picture here is the salt ramen, and I'd say these were good+.

But more study is clearly required before I can attain any level of expertise in Ganko.

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