Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shishi Uo, Kanda (すし魚)

It's kinda dumb, right? Here I am, not working, and what do I do for lunch? I ride the charinko over to Kanda and have donburi with Todd.

It's also not that smart that I cruised up alongside a rightwing nutjob van, banged on the window and gave them the finger, but that's what I did.
To tell you the truth, it wasn't very smart to go to this place. It's just a mediocre chain izakaya, and lunch at those places can be fairly dreadful.
The interior is pretty nice though - this grill counter was nearly stylish, and there was a big wall of colorful shochu bottles. I might appreciate that more if I drank 'em.
As far as this negitoro don, I might have appreciated it more if it didn't SUCK.

Well, at least it was a new place. I can't find a link. Who cares.

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