Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yattai Soba Hachiman, Monzen Nakacho (屋台ソバ 八幡)

You just never know, you know? This place has been hanging around on one of the most boring streets in Monnaka, and I always thought it might be OK in that dumpy-but-delicious ramen way. I was put off by it being across from a chain fugu place, the kind with the sad fish swimming in the window tank.

This ended up being pretty much my last lunch in Monnaka, and in Japan. The others, I lost the pictures. I know, that was very naughty of me.

You never know - I'm pretty sure the place belongs to this guy, but a lot of things about his manner kept saying "chain employee" to me. Still, when I told him how much I liked his bowl, he beamed.

Then again, one of the great things about Japan is that even chain employees can seem genuinely happy if you like their product.

And I did indeed like this product, 30+-degree day notwithstanding. The soup was excellent - about what you'd expect from a place with a densely-packed poster of text on the wall describing the complex and arduous process of distilling their broth. The noodles were as you see 'em, but a bit soft. Everything else was lackluster, but for soup like that, it's worth it.

Geez, I miss Tokyo.

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