Thursday, December 27, 2012

Heinig, Vienna

Here we are, the day after Christmas, when all the stores say nothing on their web sites or windows about being closed...but they all are. "We take no holidays!" except the one that everyone but someone and me must know happens automatically on the 26th. Strange, because a lot of places were open on the 25th.

Heinig was an exception, and we had walked by a bunch of times and been tempted by the frivolous cheerfulality of its windows. How can you not like this? It wouldn't be Christian not to.
Maybe there's something holiday going on with the cakes in the case too - certainly there's a fair bit of fake snow. They look OK, right?
I loved all the little piggy items too. It must be a weiner thing, just letting the pink bits flop about like that.
They have two dining salons, and we went upstairs where it was quiet and kinda dark and we could look peacefully out the window.
As well as 'enjoying' the ambience. The ceiling is a neat shape, but the decor overall suffers from a bit of family-restaurant-itis.
With vacation winding down, I saw no reason to hold back, and went right for half a liter of beer. We had some desultory savory food too, but the gulaschsuppe tasted canned, as did the pancake souppen, and I'm forgoing posting pictures of them out of protest.
I should maybe forgo the whole thing out of protest, because the cakes were competent, not much better, and that's a disappointment after the grandeur and charm of the exterior and windows. We had an obligatory Sachertortten also, but there wasn't anything to write home about.
But I will most certainly be writing home to let the homefolks know that the coffee here was bad. Not competent, bad. I want to say it was worse than the bad one the previous day at The Iceberg, but in truth I've forgotten what order everyone was marching in the parade of bad coffee drinks in Weiner. Let's leave it at that.
Points for being open and all, but I can't in good faith tell you to go here. Every aspect of the presentation is better somewhere else (except maybe the presentation in the cake case).

Awww hell, I can't find a web site for these guys, and I'm too lazy to work on it right now.

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