Thursday, September 5, 2013

Smokey Pig BBQ, Bowling Green, KY

Not, as it turns out, the prettiest town I've ever seen, Bowling Green. Nor did I meet my old friend Bob. But I was passing through with my colleague Buxxx, and when we travel together, we eat barbecue. He's even from Kaintuck, so it was a nice chance for him to fill me in on some local culturez (eg the mutton barbecue that we didn't eat) and try a local establishment.

I did my usual scouting and found Smokey Pig to be the standout. Shows you again, like you needed reminding, that you can't trust Yelp or its colleagues. If this is the best barbecue Bowling Green has to offer, I am plumb sorry for Bowling Green.
I didn't much care for the ordering, which was done at a window, nor the service, which was to pass the food back through said window. Don't accuse me of highfalutin airs; that kinda thing goes just fine sometimes, but this time I didn't like it hardly none. We ate in the back dining room, which was unimpressive even in panorama. Not that it needs to be, right? The food should be all you care about in a place like this. 

Which is why this all was so disappointing. The ribs were really crap - no smoke flavor, tough, and (by association) with lots of unappetizing unrendered fat. I'll say this, the sauce was pretty good, and that's coming from a guy that doesn't usually like molasses-based sauces.

The pulled was tolerable, especially with the dipping sauce. It seems like the thing to get here might be pulled, 'dipped'. I read about that, saw it on the menu, and heard other people order it. The sauce is pretty spicy and oily, and it's a good thing.

The coleslaws were both good! High point! Although we were unsure if they weren't bought in. I like that they have both kinds so you can enjoy the junky sweetness and oiliness of mayo slaw, then feel more virtuous with vinegar.
Aaaaaaand, I made good on another thing I've never eaten before. I was asking Buxxx about chess pie while we were driving (our red mustang...Avis is funny sometimes), and then we got here and beheld the menu whereupon was listed Derby Pie. I capitalize that because it's sort of a proper noun. This was the real thing, bearing the trademark of Kern's, who have registered the concept of Derby Pie. It's sort of a chocolatey, nutty mess, with a crust that's too even to be anything but machined. Buxxx says y'all can get 'em at the Piggly Wiggly too.

I hasten to point out, I got all this food just out of scholarly interest (and company credit card) and ate about half of it before admitting the juice wasn't worth the squeeze, calorie-wise.

By the way, the bathrooms were dirty enough to bother me, expecially in light of the food.
(270) 781-1712