Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Debailleul Chocolates, Marunouchi

How did this excape notice? I mean, it certainly didn't excape my notice as a chocolate destination. I used to stop in of an afternoon when I was bored at work in the UrbanNet building around the corner, or after a rousing lunch under the railroad tracks. But somehow it excaped blogular detailment.

Debailleul occupies a standalone space in the huge hall on the main floor of Oazo, and today as I was sitting on these free seats outside it, enjoying the free wifi (good lord, Japan has changed), I though "old time's sake" and bought some chocolates for the old lady.
They have what you might call a limited selection, but I've always found them to be very good. The black pepper stands out in my mind from past attempts. You can see here in the jewel case that they also have candied fruit peel and macarons and everything the well-heeled chocolatier needs to sell the masses.
I have no idea what these flavors are, for two reasons. One, all the names are poetic and in katakana, and standing at the counter, feeling pressured to order, I just picked some nice looking ones. Two, we haven't eaten them yet.

Give me a couple minutes, I'll report back.

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