Monday, February 23, 2015

Tsujita Ramen, Yaesu (二代目つじた、八重洲)

Stop me if you've heard this one before. Or just go on to the next entry, because I've certainly told you this one before. The metaphoric you, you understand. Tsujita is one of my favorite ramens and I don't like to miss a chance to eat there. Fortunately they've opened a new branch right near my Monday meeting location, so I get to remind you again that it's good. I should stop since they're up to 12 branches and I don't need that many excuses to post new places, but I can't stop going. 

The new place is in a good location in northerly Yaesu - right next to the famous old sake specialist Fukube. I've never been there, but perhaps you have? It's famous for some stinky fish specialty that I've forgotten the name of. Perhaps you remember? By the line, I'd say a lot of people remember where this branch is already. On the other hand, 8 or 10 people is a very acceptable wait at Tsujita, and it went fast. 

Inside is much the same as any Tsujita, or any modern ramen place. I found the staff especially serious and uncommunicative here. Maybe it's just because I'm foreign. They also didn't set my place with a glass of water like they do for all the domestic guests. 

They gave me the same ramen that everyone gets though. I tell a lie, because just about everyone gets tsukemen here. You know I don't like them. Tsujita really encourages them though. There are elaborate instructions on the counter that tell you how to eat their tsukemen - eat a third, add some seasoning, moisten the noodles with lime, eat a second third, do something else. I added some of their 'black shichimi' and found it hot as hell although delicious. As is everything else in this bowl. It's a very good bowl. 

And a great egg. You can't cook an egg better than this. The taste and texture of the gelled yolk, phew. I'm excited just thinking about it. 

Some things have changed in Yaesu since I was last there. A whole new two-floor dining complex for starters. There's a massive new building going up in the Trust City complex just north of Daimaru, and that will probably add some more retail and food to the already crowded market. I wont say saturated though, because a lot of Yaesu is past its use-by date. New blood to chase out the lazy old is a good thing even though it can be sad to see only new, clean places. 

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