Wednesday, March 4, 2015

R-Fritters, Shimokitazawa (アール フリッターズ)

Eating Out In Tokyo is a little more complex these days, especially on these days when both someone and peanut are along, which necessitates a bunch of baggage and a handcrafted luxury stroller. But walking around is still our favorite thing to do, and while there's not much 'street food' culture in Japan, there are plenty of things you can do to pop in to a store and create your own street-y experience. This place had just opened a week before, so maybe I'm the first to bring it to the interwebs.
Though it won't be long before there's a line, judging by the TV shoot that was going down while we were in line to buy their wares. Having seen so many lovingly-lit, capaciously-panned sequences of very ordinary food, it was fun to see a food stylist doing some magic on the product and a camera person panning slowly across it.
Did I say 'very ordinary food'? That's what this turned out to be. I can't in good faith recommend you to visit a shop that sells these  blocks of (I think) fried french toast, chocolate flavor with raspberry preserves, for Y500. They're sorta tasty and all, but it's french toast, and I've grown accustomed to an America where you'd get 6 times this quantity for $9. Also, the trend toward making things 'not too sweet' seems to have swung its bulbous pendulum all the way toward 'no sugar added', which does not connote 'dessert' to me.
This is the 'cheese' version. Seemed closer to 'plain' than anything else, which is to say 'a slice of toast with some flavor'. It's also the 'street' version since I had to put it down on the 'curb' next to a 'vending machine' to take a picture while someone wrangled the peanut into temporary submission.
I was all set to be gleeful about trying a new place with a nifty twist on a food genre, but this didn't work for me. I guess it's on-trend, because there's a lot of french toast in Shimo Kita these days, and their web site is fully stylish in design and modern in execution. I must be old, because this trend toward long, scrolling sites is odd to me.

Brunch in Tokyo would be a welcome addition, but this is a little ridiculous. Or little and ridiculous. Your choice. 

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