Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Deguchiya, Nakameguro (出口屋)

I walked by this place 4 times total (because it took me two days to hit the Yakumoz due to the fact that they're CLOSED ON TUESDAYS) and every time thought it looked pretty sweet. They've been in business something like 80 years and have an attached bar (Bar Exit, geddit?). They must be doing something right.

The something right that they're doing includes these festive paper bon-bons. These are harder to make at home than you'd think, as someone will attest. She'd be jealous of these.

Whereas I'D be jealous of the fridge. Lots of nice saki in here, names you know mixed with names you don't - in a way that makes you think the names you don't are probably pretty good. Also bears mentioning that they have a good selection of American micro beer. If you live in Tokyo permanently and can't get Ballast Point at your local Trader Joe's, this is your place.

This is also your place for a very full-size display should we translate this? Morning Sun Cross? Anyhoo, Juji Asahi is a cool brewer that's known for strong flavors and aged bottles. You never see this much from one brewer in one place, and it's even more remarkable when I tell you that those shelves that look like multiple facings of the same bottle are usually different vintages of the same bottle. I think the oldest was a BY19, so 9-year old saki right there. Lots of options in the BY24-26 range, including the one I bought.

These posts always lead up to a punchline, right? In this case it's tasting counter. If you're not careful and ask for the Juuji Asahi or Gunma Izumi tastings (the two on the right), they'll just take the bottles off the counter and pour for you. That stuff's heavy enough that you really want it warm to appreciate it. In fact they asked if I wanted it warmer.

There were two other options chilled, including the new-to-me Tamagawa 'stork' label, for the women, young people, and light drinkers.

But the good lord knows that ain't me when I'm in Japan. 

BTW, I told Woodsy that I stopped off in a cool liquor store in Nakame for a drink and he said "Oh, Deguchiya?" The explorations continue apace and in parallel.

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