Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fuon, Meguro (風音)

I got all excited when I learned I was going to be working in Meguro for two weeks. I say 'learned' like I didn't bust my hump to arrange it... but as soon as it was finalized, the ol' obsessive habits kicked in and I was busily cataloguing every izakaya, ramen, and romantic European restaurant of note within striking distance of the office.

And here's one of them.

The banner at left has nothing to do with the shop's name, which is 'The Sound of Wind". The owner writes something on his web site about being a little crazy and opening a hole-in-the-wall place far away from what anyone would consider the right area to do so.

'Hole-in-the-floor' wouldn't be a bad description for it. The obsessive that he is, he's been peeling and pasting saki labels for a loooooong time. Let's descend to the nether regions.
I was just here for a refresher before meeting You, you understand, so there's not going to be any deep exploration. That really requires some time and multiple people.

The counter reminded me uncomfortably of this uncomfortable place in Nakano. Don't go there. It's probably gone by now anyway.
This is decent though, right? I'm sure you can recognize those labels despite the coverage - Ho Ou Biden, Nogomi, Bijoubu. Good stuff, if it's in stock.

What's in stock? Can I get the menu?

"Heh heh," he chuckles with a little embarassment, "We don't have a menu." This is usually the kiss of death for me, but he says he'll bring some stuff if I tell him what I like, and I can try them and have a full go of whatever.
Sure, he'll just bring some stuff. Are you kidding me? He pulls out these three and pours me a little glass of each like it ain't no thang.

For the record, I did not drink the obvious choice.

It makes you wonder what else is in his fridge, doesn't it?
I'll tell you two other things that are in his fridge - water eggplant and water shield. You'll never catch me not ordering those when they're offered. I've never met a water eggplant I didn't like. Why are these not a thing in America?

"Hey, lemme get some raw eggplant slices with my beer, aiiight?"
These, sure, I can see why they're not a thing. They're really weird. It's hard to bite into them because of the funny coating of slime that coats every part of them slimily. I don't even know why we eat them.

But eat them we do, with a little tear for what we've lost. 

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