Sunday, April 17, 2016

Gonpachi, Azamino (権八)

OMG, we found the most incredible place! It's aMAZEballz!

Did you know they filmed Kill Bill here?

But I jest. They didn't really film Kill Bill at the Roppongi location, and when you factor in the complete lack of driving rain inside this place and the 8-person private room they allocated to our family of 4, Gonpachi was aces for lunch!

And really, the food is pretty decent as lunch sets go. I had the steak set, someone had the grilled fish (which I think was hokke, and I know it's a cheap fish but it's so gooooood!). A little strainer of cold, very firm soba, a bowl of good soup, some picklz, you're all set.

The steak itself was about like this. It tasted like it looked.

Did I mention it was raining and we had a big horikotatsu room to ourselves?!

Peanut was running laps up in there.

Also note that tempura is only offered at the first-floor tempura restaurant. We didn't figure this out until too late, and someone was disappointed.

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