Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Onibus Coffee, Nakameguro

Let me just start by saying "Cheese and Rice, some people are serious about this stuff. Eric has far more to say than I ever could."

I mean, I was just wandering around after ramen and saw a coffee place and had a quick iced coffee and chat with the staff. What a cool place, all recently-outfitted.

'Onibus' is a cool name too. Is it 'omnibus' mispelled, or is it a hip thing about the 'demon bus', like 'get on the bus, because Beelzebub's roasting coffee with his beard clippingz!"? The possibilities for pleasurable misunderstanding are multifaceted.

Everything about this place is cool.

Except the roaster, which is hot. They had some third-wave beans just hitting second crack as we ordered. It's Tokyo, so of course they have to roast their own beans. I learned from the link above that this is the main rosticcieria for the other 3 stores under the same owner (is it a chain? Is it still hip?), and that's even more Tokyo. It's tiny, it's hip, but it's the hub location for 3 tinier, hippier places.

Oh, so it means 'public bus' in Portugese. F-n Portugese. Because the owner discovered coffee in Australia. Of course. Because Tokyo. Because coffee. Because oni. Because life.

I drank an iced coffee too, whatever. 

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