Friday, April 22, 2016

Purple Mountain Chinese Noodles, Tamachi (ラーメン むらさき山)

So here we are again, just me and Todd, passing an enjoyable hour getting away from it all for lunch. It's a little funny that we're both in Tokyo. It's also little funny that 'getting away from it all' entails sweating while surrounded by shortish guys in suits, but that's how we roll.

Or stroll. We did a lot of strolling, because there's so little way to pass a long time in a restaurant if you're noodling around. Which is a little contradictory. Strolling around most of the Tamachi grid (a known but unexplored quantity for me, aside from this place in 2009, a lifetime ago) didn't produce any more likely candidate than Purple Mountain, which turns out to be RamenDB's highest-ranked shop in the vicinity (I'm not counting the Jiro a few blocks over, because that would be dumb).  

We didn't have to wait long. Things turn over quickly (see previous comment). Like your stomach after too much ramen.

I felt a little like the bowl was slow in coming, which is an absurd thing to complain about. But I'm not complaining. I'm talking about seconds here. It just felt longer than other places might take.
Because they had to boil the shit out of this soup and SWEET JESUS DID IT TASTE GOOD. This place has no business being ranked lower than the one I tried earlier in the week. This was delicious!
Awesome awesome chashu, a good thick tonkotsu soup, very nice thin straightish noodles, and a blessedly small serve of menma. The lack of menma would be an improvement for most bowls, I think.

This bowl, I can't really think of anything that would improve it. Drained it again. 
Todd is into the 'tsukimen', or 'moon noodles'. Or is that 'sukimen', 'noodles you like'? Or should that be 'okonomimen'?

Anywho, this looks pretty acceptable, but I didn't try it, and he only ate half of the noodles and soup despite saying how good it was. Must be how he maintains his girlish figure.

Me, I drained it. Again.

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