Friday, April 29, 2016

Rakeru, Shinyurigaoka (ラケル 新百合丘OPA店)

Opa! I always feel festive and a little Greek when shopping at the Opa complex in downtown Shinyuri. Not as festive and Greek as I feel watching that Eurovision video, but a little.

We were out and about shopping, someone went home with Mrs. Peel, and Catfish and I were left to our own devices until it was time to party at the park later.
We had our own little party. I confess I kinda jumped into the first place I saw, but I've seen this place for a couple years, and Catfish does like his omrice.

These folks liked Catfish too. They had a little line in catering to his type, if you know what I mean. It's a good thing too, because they wanted to park my American-size tank-shaped stroller, and I assented, and they parked it in the entry to the kitchen so that every staff member doing anything during our stay had to squeeze past.

I'd like to say we ate fast, but Catfish is a slow eater and won't be rushed. Wait until Mrs. P starts stealing food from him.
Until then he can chicken omrice to his little heart's content. I got him an adult size because he has a healthy appetite, and because I was expecting to help him finish it, but he surprised me by getting through the whole thing by his lonesome. Good one, boy! He didn't even eat all the ketchup first, which I was expecting. Not enough corn syrup in it, maybe.
I went for one of the house specialty plates, a curry omrice with a side burger, a nice salad, and their famous rice flour bread. Supposedly that's what keeps the punters coming back, the bread, but I have to say I don't understand it.

I don't really understand yoshoku either, but once in a while I like it, and I can tell you this is a good yoshokuya.

All this time I could have been going to their Toyosu shop too. What was I thinking?

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