Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ryumon, Meguro (龍門 目黒本店)

Lunch with a colleague. I'm so used to picking where I go (sorry about that, friends and family) that it's very confronting to have someone else say we're going for Chinese. Because I would ordinarily NEVER GO FOR CHINESE.

But this was cool, because it's a Szechuan place.

In fact it's a classically smoky, yellowed basement Chinese place. I felt like I've been here before, in Kanda and a dozen other neighborhoods.

But I haven't, because I NEVER GO FOR CHINESE. 

Maybe I should though. Check this - your basic brown/yellow/white Chinese lunch set. The soup was pretty good, and so was the almond tofu. I have no idea about the rice because it was constantly buried under a thick sludge of

Oh, I can see where that's funny if you read it wrong. And I can see where this looks a little like ma poo (especially after I ate all of this). But it was a really good version. I love how it's more brown than red, it seemed more natural somehow. Punishingly strong sansho content, all-around delicious. I didn't lick the bowl. 


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