Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tatsuta Saryo, Center Minami (立田野茶寮 サウスウッド店)

We like nothing better than a snack between meals. Expecially when both kids are asleep and it feels like a little date, except that there's a tank-sized stroller with a sleeping toddler next to one of us, and the other one has a sleeping baby physically strapped to their chest.

But who doesn't like 'matcha soft', as we call it in the big city (and also in the provinces, because Center Minami is sure as shootin' not the big city, despite its big station and lots of new development.

The most entertaining thing about this place was the big group of guys who had come from a  wedding, laughing and carrying on loudly and being elaborately polite about getting out of our way despite being extravagantly wasted.

This is kinda the whole hog of items that they offer - green tea ice cream, red bean paste, sticky rice balls, brown sugar syrup. Delicious.

The worst things I can find to say about this place are that the portions are small and the prices are high. But y'know, prices don't vary that much across Japan. It's not like you get a deal by going to the hinterlands. It's not like you get a deal anywhere, really.
I'll tell you how good this place was, we went back a few days later and it was out of business. Who knew this was a 'happy closing!' post?

I guess sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you. 

So weird, they only have 4 stores. 3 if you count the fact that this one's closed but the web site doesn't show it. It's almost like dainty, expensive quick-serve food isn't a thing. Who woulda thought?

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