Saturday, May 7, 2016

Fukutaro, Oshiage (福太郎 東京ソラマチ)

There we were, up in Oshiage to go up the Sky Tree for the first time. I've always avoided that stuff, it seems like a lot of waiting and paying to look out some windows, but I do love high-floor views, and how can you not go to the Sky Tree at least once? For the record, let me say totally worth it. I would even do it again. It may help if you love Tokyo as much as someone and I do, but I just loved looking for landmarks and thinking about all the fun stuff we used to do near them.

One thing I don't think we ever did before was eat okonomiyaki. This is Osaka-style, from a place that's maybe famous there (according to them, right?) and it recreates the ambience of the original store.
Which if true means that the original store has the same ambience as every okonomiyai everywhere.

Speaking of which, why is okonomiyaki so formulaic when the very name implies 'your way'? I never hear about people customizing it. At this place, possibly due to the kinda posh setting in the Skytree 'Skytown' shopping floors, they don't even let you cook. They cook on a big griddle behind the counter and then bring it out to slide onto your only-warm griddle. I have to admit this provided a slight peace of mind benefit considering that we were crammed in with not-quite 3 and 1-year olds
Here it is. It tasted good. Everything tastes good in this country since we don't live here and can't eat it all the time.

Let's just reflect on everything.
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