Sunday, May 8, 2016

Il Fait Jour, Shimoasao (イルフェジュール 本店)

You know I strive to bring you only the finest culinary experiences in the greater Hakusan area of Asao-ku. This is yet another of them. What the hell is this place doing here? It's 15+ minutes to the nearest station by bus. I only found it while random-walking with a sleepy Catfish, who was passed out by the time I strolled by here and thought "That's new...and different."

Because it looks like it dropped in from France, right? Right?! WHY DO JAPANESE PEOPLE DO THESE RIDICULOUSLY COOL THINGS?

This place is so worthwhile. I'd go all the time if I permanently lived within walking distance, instead of just temporarily.

Inside is like a little farmhouse. It's also spacious; they should squeeze in a couple tables and have tea time. But they're probably too serious about what they do.

Since its opening, this is the official head office of a 4-store unit run by a famous patissier whose name is going to escape me permanently.

The niceness continues unabated.

The niceitude only increases inside the display case. Gorgeous little confections, much as you would hope to get if you were strolling the Ginza.

And surprisingly good value. This whole chocolate cake was $9, which may not get you too fired up in America but is a wonderful deal here, let me tell you. We buy these things in part for the art value of their construction and presentation, and this has some serious impressiveness value.
These tarts do too, although I can't remember what they were. I think the white one was orange flavored, and I know it was their signature item. Which I supposed means I could look it up.

But instead I'm going to let you do that. 

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