Saturday, May 14, 2016

McDonald's, Akihabara

I've been accused before of over-posting, and commenting on a McDonald's isn't going to sway any opinions to the contrary. But to the contrary, you may well need to know about this.

Because you can go to McDonald's across from Yodobashi Camera in Akiba, buy a soda, go upstairs, and look out the window at this. The Tohoku Shinkansen tracks, and the Tokaido Honsen train tracks, big as life, right in front of you.

So if you're the kind of person that likes a train now and then, this is crazy cool.  And the crazy weird thing is that no one I can find (in English) mentions the existence of this. How can everyone have overlooked it? Look how close the train is! How close?

That close! Look at it! And you know how frequent trains are here, so you never have to wait more than a minute for something to happen, especially with the local and express trains on the higher tracks in the background.

The only thing different/better is buying a platform ticket at Tokyo Station, whereupon you can go out on the platform and walk right up and touch the big trains without needing to pay and go somewhere on them. But this is said trains in motion, including the wacky teal/mauve Hayabusa.

And you know I know the names of them trains. 


  1. Hello Jon,

    This is Greg. didn't exactly figure out how to contact you directly. Just wanted to thank you for the blog. I am very glad I found this so soon in my tokyo adventure.

    Just moved here with 4 kids and zero language skills between us, but here we are nonetheless.

    I had self-professed wanting to eat at a different restaurant every day here in Tokyo, but with kids who eat a lot, this has become a dream.

    Thank you also for the Sake review. I find it exceedingly hard to find good sake if I don't hunt it down and nail it to the wall. Shochu doesn't do it for me.

    See you around. Thanks again.


  2. bah, I don't know if my previous comment made it through, so I am sending this again. I wanted to thank you for the blog. I am glad I found this early on in my travels through tokyo. I had declared i wanted to eat at a different restaurant every day I live here, but with 4 kids in tow that was more a mad dream than anything else. I especially like your Sake breakdown. I am finding it harder and harder to find good places do to the Shochu invasion.
    Greetings from Sancha. All the best.