Sunday, May 1, 2016

Taisetsuken, Shin-Yurigaoka (旭川ラーメン 大雪軒 新百合ヶ丘VIVRE店)

As usual I'm left wondering if this name 維sスッポセdとべあぷん。Oh, sorry. Is supposed to be a pun. Is it like an 'important' joke, but it's 'Big Snow' instead? I bet not. It's just that everything's a potential pun to me. Jokes aren't the same in Japan. This ramen is Asahigawa-style (here, read all about the three distinct styles of Hokkaido ramen and a bunch of others in this article by Nate, who's way more authoritative than I ever hope to be), and lord knows they must have big snows up there.

One funny service they provide is laundry! Before you place your order, they bring you a hamper, and while you eat they speed-wash any clothes that you need done. 
I wish they did that after you ate, because eating noodles with an almost-3-year-old is not a recipe for cleanliness. Maybe yours is different than mine, but Catfish likes his noodles, like his soup, and has no compunctions about digging in.

Since it was just him and me I forewent some of the potential pain, ordering him this nice pork-and-egg rice bowl and then helping him out by eating half of the pork (which was belly) for him. Can't have getting spoiled eating only the good stuff, right?

Try as we might, he got kinda spoiled on this trip. Basically he only wants to eat protein now. Or protein and pasta, I suppose. 
And he needs his own Catfish-ware too. Points to this place for having these ready, although some of the time it's just as effective for us to snuggle up and me to keep my arm around him and use a separate pair of chopstixxx to feed him. 
Because he needs feedin' up. He's gettin' to be a right skinny Catfish, and I like to see a nice round belly on my kidz. What he needs is more ramen, and more fatty ramen at that. Was this review about ramen? I think I'm just enjoying eating out with Catfish.

Considering this is on a high floor in the lowest-quality of the malls abutting Shin-Yuri station, this is a very tolerable ramen. I'd be happy with it any day of the week, if not overwhelmed. The soup was prolly the standout thing. The pork was a little too much on the spongy side for me, one of those textures that I don't know how Chinese people get into their food.

Huh, I thought it was a chain, but it's just sorta part of a small group of different-styled shops. I guess the ramen-and-laundry thing is too quirky to go national. 

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