Friday, November 27, 2009

Royal Curry, Nihonbashi

This has turned out to be a digressive and self-indulgent post. Feel free to skip it. The curry and lunch sets here were OK.

Pon and I fell prey to several traps today: one was leaving the office at the height of rush hour (12:15?). The other was trying to go to places that are popular. As a result we ended up at a place that seemed popular, but was probably just crowded because of the timing.

For your reference, the crowded places were Jangara Ramen (our Ponkan is sorta half Kansai-ish, so you could make an argument about liking southern ramen. Anyway, I still like to think of Shizuoka as 'southern' Japan in the same way I like to say I'm from southern New Jersey.) and Taimeiken - both of which are within a stone's throw of our head office in Nihonbashi. And both of which had 15-ish people waiting outside. This is better than the 50-odd people waiting at the ramen place down the street, but I dunno what's up with that. Have to go back late in the afternoon some time and find out.

Royal Curry is right behind Coredo, kinda in the complex. It's next to a bunch of more notable places, which is maybe why it didn't have people waiting. Still the curry was OK. Today's special was butter chicken; add to that a list of about 5 others that you can choose from (keema, veg, dhal, chicken - all the Japanese favorites!). The sets are a pretty straightforward affair - 1 curry, 2 curries, 2 + tandoor, 2 + tandoor + sausage. The butter chicken was buttery and decent; the (yellow) dhal was a bit thin for my tastes but OK. The naan was fresh but not the highest quality; they've got high turnover and fast service, so it was fine.

Perhaps most importantly, most of the customers were women - always a good sign.

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