Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sushi Zanmai, Monzennakacho

What am I doing writing about a chain store with Y100 nigiri in a semi-obscure suburb (where I live)? I love it! I’ve eaten in most of the other chain places in Monnaka. I’ve eaten in some of the expensive ones too. I’ve eaten in cheap and expensive sushi places elsewhere, including Tsukiji, and I just think this is IT on the cost/quality/atmosphere value scale. It helps that the staff knows me and tries to talk to me, and pops up with an occasional treat (last time – broiled tuna intestine at 1 AM. mmmmm!). And always open, according to my standards (I think they open in the morning - I’ve been for lunch - and they close at 4.). One time I got mad at them over a triviality and didn’t go for a couple months. When I finally went back, they still remembered what it was that made me mad in the first place…only in Japan.

As Narumi san says on his tiny web site, it's a little place, but everyone has fun. Call him Narupi kun to annoy him.

Took me years to understand what 'zanmai' means. I ain't tellin' you so easily.

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