Saturday, October 18, 2008

Miyakawa (宮川), Kayabacho

Miyakawa is fantastically located - central to the happening nightspots Kayabacho, Hatchobori and Nihonbashi! This explains why it was almost fully-packed when we wandered in at 8 on a Friday, as well as why they were taking last orders at 9 and kicking us out at 9:30.

Glasses of beer. Sours in any flavor you want as long as it's artificial lemon. Yakitori. Random assorted other foods. Not a lot of that 'vegetable' crap here, just focus on meat. So much focus that it sells out...tsukune were already gone by the time we got there. Bonjiri was down to the last skewer (which we ate).

Other things, surprisingly good! We all wanted to avoid the crunchy bits like nankotsu and liver, and all the normal things like negima were really good. Wings were surprisingly good and required a further order. Karaage had an interesting batter, and the further weirdness of leaving a bone in, but also required another order for exploratory purposes. Actually, so did the shumai. Shishito, we started with 4 skewers and that was pretty much enough. Uzutama, 2 skewers did it. They were oddly tough.

I think this came out to Y3500 per person. Considering the ridiculous amount we ate, and the quality, that's a good deal! I thought this area was dead until I did a research trip last week, and now I know that there are plenty of things to check out if you're in the area and mood.

Cheerful, cheap. And they have their own logo!

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