Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pizza Salvatore Cuomo, Nishi Azabu

I had to wait very very late for lunch (thanks chief), and it's hard to find much that's open at 2:30. Fortunately the Salvatore on Nizhi Azabu's fabled 'restaurant street' was still open (last order at 2:30, closing at 3. They were pretty keen that we not dally.).

My friend announced in advance that the pizza here is better than the Salvatore in Roppongi Hillz (the Garden level place, not the 5th floor one that I've written about). This is true. Y1200 gets you a small salad, a drink of choice, and one of 4 types of pizza. I plumped up an extra Y300 for 'Big Size', as the waiter said when he delivered it (was he talking about my ass?). The Margherita was fresh and tasty, if a little watery (oily?) on top, and with the cheese not perfectly fresh. Savoy would beat down on this pizza like a frightened child. Baggio would sniff disdainfully. But it was OK for lunch yesterday.

OK, OK, I'll eat and get out.


  1. I found the food here beyond bad. Tinned, flavourless tomato sauce, limp "crust" and ham that I would not feed a cat.
    Sure, the guy learned to make pizza in Italy, but guess what... pizza is an appetizer... an afterthought in Italy. Should have learned in the States.

  2. How do you really feel? Don't hold back.