Monday, November 3, 2008

Hacchakiya, Monzennakacho

Ahhh, we like ramen, don't we? Hacchakiya is my favorite ramen in Monnaka, on average. It wins for the huge bowls, curly and eggy noodles, miso-focused soups, and ample vegetable toppings. I loved it a LOT more when they had the special chashu option (I don't know where they were getting it from, but it was more like American style barbeque brisket, and well worth the extra Y200) but have stopped going so much recently. This time I had the Hokkaido-style chashu (what's this called?) where they say "Hey, how do we make roast pork less healthy? I know, let's batter it with egg and fry it!!!". They compensate with lots of vegetables, but the artery insult persists.

For reference, I favor Wan Zhu Ji (万豚記, geez I love that name!) for tantanmen, and there's this sanramen place on the other side of the crossing called Gomaya that seemed great on my one visit. I should leave all of this for another time when I can write a whole Monnaka ramen section.

Oof, I'm stuffed.

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