Monday, November 3, 2008

Usagiya, Monzennakacho (Ginza)

Not a situation I like to be in, walking around Ginza with only 30 minutes to choose a place, eat, and get to an appointment. Difficult times call for desperate measures, which in this case involved noodles, rabbits and plastic.

Usagiya is a hand-made udon place. These are of the nice, rough-but-springy texture that I associate with the genre. Unfortunately I ordered a Chinese-style donburi, so I only got 2 or 3 noodles in a separate bowl. They were good! The overall experience was as expected in terms of quality, but it was cheapish.

As is the custom these days, I tried to pick up a card on the way out. They didn't have cards, but they did have matchbooks (is that an indication that they encourage smoking customers?). The matchbook mentioned their Fukagawa store, which of course got me all excited. Getting back to Monzen Nakacho, we immediately saw Usagiya. I've walked by it many, many times (it's on the far side of the station entrance that I usually use, but on the way to the barber!) and looked at the window displays, but never felt remotely inclined to go for dinner. I also couldn't read 兎 until now. Thanks to a difficult situation in Ginza, I was able to check off another Monnaka restaurant!

Overall rating 3.07 on Tabelog...neither you nor I will be going any time soon.

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