Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Didean, Monzennakacho

Well, it was a strange idea to go for healthy ethnic food on New Year's Eve (lunch). Didean moved some time ago, froma dead-zone location several blocks back from Eitai Dori and into the more glamorous environs of the main approach street to the Fukagawa temple. I thought it was a 'healthy cafe', but inside it looks much more Chinese.

New Year's Eve saw a limited menu being offered - curry or soba. Since I was planning to have soba at night, I had curry. This was something like '8 types of beans and 15 spices', and it wasn't bad. Quite spicy, and with a complex if not overly-satisfying flavor.

I'm going to skip the picture and links; I can't work up the enthusiasm to go back.

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