Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Amalfi Moderna, Otemachi (Oazo)

Ahhh, the limitless options continue. Here in week 3 of our new Otemachi Adventure, my friends, there's not even a hint of revisiting the same places. Several readers have now accused us here at EOITwJ of excessive completism, but we continue to view it as our public service, nay, sacred mission, to provide information on the dining environment, which includes ideas for those poor souls destined to eat lunch in Otemachi every day for the term of their natural lives. If that leads us to an extended discussion of which conbini has the freshest bentos, in among the fine dining excursions, so be it.

Amalfi Moderna showed up on the radar as a potential destination when we dropped by Oazo's upper dining floors the first time. It's a fairly bright-and-snappy Italian place that I had noticed before on ads in the station, but never got inspired enough to try. It's a little more tired-looking once you sit down and notice that the tablecloths are plastic and a little sticky.

Lunch features a broad variety of sets - I think pasta 'n' coffee started at Y1300, then 'meat lunch' was Y1580, and there were sets in the Y2000 and Y4000 range as well. Our whole table went the Meat Lunch. The dish billed as 'zensai' on the menu turned out to be a small salad and a comically tiny mug of soup described as minestrone. The meat was a roasted-and-souped chicken (nice, but not enough roasting to crisp the skin, so a bit rubbery at the thicker extremes. Steamed chicken skin is one of my pet peeves, so you might like it.) with a single sausage, very pink and with a fair few cartilege-y bits and 'crisp' Japanese-style casing, but a decent flavor. Coffee and a slice of bread are included. I saw a pasta and dessert at another table - sort of penne with tomato sauce and spinach, and then ice creams, all of which looked decent as well.

Verdict from me: slightly overpriced, not that exciting, but decent ambience makes it OK for a rare occasion.

Not exactly Positano.

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