Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sekkomon, Otemachi (石庫門, Oazo B1)

Oazo B1 branch of this purportedly Shanghai restaurant. 4 choices of lunch set hovering around Y1000, with today's choices including Ma Po Tofu, Tan Tan Men (these are Shanghai specialties? I didn't know Shanghai was in Sichuan!), Hoi Ko Lo (sorry I can't spell this) and egg/jellyfish/pork stir fry.

My ma po was adequately spicy but weak on the other flavors. Ponkan described the tan tan as 'peanutty', which was true, but I think she was just trying to think of something nice to say. In other news, have we talked about how hard it is to avoid eating meat in Japan? I was thinking about staying vegetarian this week for health reasons (save it up for the weekend, dinner with Whitey next week, etc.), and managed it from Monday dinner through Wednesday breakfast (aside from a few bits of bacon in my pumpkin soup, but we can't skimp on flavor eh?). Today the closest thing to veg was the tofu, which of course includes a liberal helping of minced pork in the sauce. Ah well.

Adequate food, distinguished mainly by the tiny size of the tables. Really I'm just posting this for completeness, OK? Better luck tomorrow!

Free drink coupon here, if you're into that sorta thing.

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