Thursday, April 30, 2009

Toritetsu, Otemachi (とり鉄)

Incredibly attentive readers will remember that we've visited an outpost of the Toritetsu Empire before, in the wilds of Inner Mongolia. Lest they take us too much to task for this repetition, we'd like to point out that we're not opposed to reviewing multiple branches of the same chain (case in point, Sushi Zanmai), and also that we decided last week that visiting multiple branches was an important concession to make in order to fulfil our goal of finishing all the places under the Otemachi rail tracks (Kassen Ichiba has two branches there, oops).

But no reader is that attentive, so the prior paragraph was primarily purposed for us to kill some time. Toritetsu isn't bad for dinner - cheap-ish chicken, low-end, slightly dressed up, 'authentic' atmosphere, beer. For lunch, it meets one critical criterion: fried chicken.

For some reason, today was fried chicken day. It was on our mind(s) all morning, and when 2 o'clock finally rolled around, we rolled out of the office and headed for the tracks. (We're going to give up the royal pluralization, seeing as we didn't eat until 2 PM, and that means we ate alone.) I briefly flirted with some of the other places, but ended up back at TT for the FC.

Not a bad FC, must say. There was a big bowl of it, with a bit of sauce, a sliced negi topping, some cabbage salad (which was heavily-dressed and thoroughly enjoyable), and the obligatory mayonnaise sauce. The chiken itself was a little fatty, and of course (it being lunch, and late at that) not fresh enough for the fat to be completely hot and melted. The coating was still pretty crisp though, which was more than welcome. The soup was standard, and the rice deserves a special mention for being cooked nearly to the point of becoming mochi. Other options for lunch included a half-eel, half-chicken fried set, and also a 'yakitori bowl'.

Quite passable when Today is Chicken Day.

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