Saturday, June 20, 2009

808 Lounge, Shimo Kitazawa

Ahhh, were we on a roll with this Shimo Kita trip or what? As a means of passing another hour, there was this Hawaiian bar. I like to think this was in honor of McNoonan, who just finished celebrating his layoff with 6 weeks in Hawaii, but in reality I'm a sucker for tiki bars!

Not all that Tiki inside, but a few fun 'islandy' trinkets and a very mellow long-haired bartender.

As Hutter always used to say, 'Corona is pisswater!' But when in a Hawaiian bar, and the heat and humidity are already bearing down despite it being only mid-June, and you've been walking around for hours, and you put it on a Tahitian coaster, it's just bearly bareable. Oh, especially at happy-hour discount prices.

やっぱり, 808 is the Honolulu area code. (03-3414 8960) I knew it had nothing to do with drum machines.

Says on the web site that they have live music - a singer with guitar and sax this Friday. That's gonna be challenging since there are only 4 seats at the bar and 4 more at the table in back, which is gonna have to go to make room for the band. Ahhhh, Japan!

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