Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Daiichian, Kanda (更科大一案)

Hmm, somehow I expected this place to be a touch better than it was. It's on the main drag of Kanda's east side, and has just been sitting there for over a year, daring me to come in for lunch. Today I did, along with my colleague Felt from London.

They were out of two of three of the set menus (this at 12:15), so we went with the tendon-soba set rather than exploring the regular menu. This was a decent little tendon, including a good shrimp, and your choice of hot or cold soba. They use only domestic soba flour (and serve Whitehawk sake, and now I've told you all the blurbs on their card), and this produces a decent noodle. The cold one was in a bowl with various toppings and a little tsuyu, not served on a zaru.

Clearly, lacking a certain enthusiasm.

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