Friday, March 12, 2010

Tanyao, Kiba (たんやお)

Bait and switch, my friends. It's an old trick.

If you look closely at Tanyao's sign, you'll see that it clearly says 'jizake'. I saw this a week or two ago when I went to the nearby bathhouse. When it got to be a Friday night and I had nothing else to do, I thought '...
Well, you know what I thought. And here we are. Bait laid.

These guys are cute, aren't they?

Inside, I was summarily switched when I discovered that the bottles of sake lining the shelf above the counter were empty, and the only sake on offer was distressingly normal (I think it was Uragasumi karakuchi. OK, but nothing to go there for.). It's really more of a shochu place. It also says kushiage on the sign, but let's not go into that. The master was suitably mortified when I said that I had come in precisely because it said 'sake' on his sign.

But for some reason, I thought the food was excellent! Just a guy and (maybe) his wife, but he seemed to have a way with the fry pan. The starter was nanohana, lightly boiled. I can never get this to taste right at home. I think I always boil it just a little too much, but the stalks are still chewy when I do it also. Maybe I just need to cut them more? I love the jewel-like green that this boils up to when you do it right.

Just like I loved this jewel-like buta kimchi.


I guess it could be jewl-like, if you knew where to get fatty, spicy jewels like this. I'd buy a big buta kimchi ring if I could, and wear it on my pinkie. This is thinly-sliced pork sauteed with spicy pickled cabbage and...garlic chives, I think. (In case you were wondering.)

The other things that caught my eye on the menu was 'scallops with onion and miso', and it turned out to be this tasty fry-up, which also had an egg scrambled into it. Should have ordered them separately, but in all it made a tasty and very satisfying dinner.

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