Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Otsukiya, Kanda (おつき屋)

Much in the same way that Alvin Lucier famously once got wicked stoned and recorded himself sitting in a room for several hours, today I came up with the idea of mangling meaning through recursive translation. Of course if this were done by a good human translator, it could come out sensibly. So let's leave it to the machines! This review is written in English, automatically translated into Japanese, and automatically translated back to English by a different site. I cleaned it up a little so it's easier to understand (honest). Reading stuff like this, you start to understand where all the crazy Engrish shirt slogans come from.  A meaning can obscured, truly.

Otsukiya of Kanda usual shophouse - exists completely completely normally 100 years ago. Period exchanging happening it does the outside rather charming, really. As for raising this invitation soul position - there is it; Chuo Dori and Tokyo's 1's which leaves exactly; the principal passage of as, it moves from Ginza to Ueno. Invitation soul entirely is approximately contrast. In order and to eat the noodle of there's fat quality, but you intend, rather than going to Kanda which finishes the fact that the tuna and the egg of the United States are eaten there is no large contrast.

That the wooden beam which is maintained, the ceiling which is exposed and it continues to adjust inside to the cool 2nd floor space. Furthermore more it must be the atmospheric rising there, because, special function can use the second floor in lunch which is presumed how concerning, there was a sign at outside. When it was that, simultaneously, I with the table which faces the counter put with the small seat, possessed the place in by myself. Young master is worthy of to special reference; the young person of he's seems that maintains the mind of the famous customer service which but has lived in really old Tokyo.

When it is limited to seven selections and all Y800, lunch. The healthy ball of s.a. where the there egg has been attached, the bean and the onion which it ferments, or the pork, or the grill which is burnt it comes after the pork which boils, or; small amount it is many. I ate the tuna and the blue green onion of the seeing dust cutting which has the half-boiled egg. The tuna was cheap considerably, perhaps (was level of the mercury very high?) But as for the egg the putting where the skin touch is very good at last. Because garnish cooking was interesting, it is worthy of to special reference. Like the root of burdock because really you could do one which is visible from the conventional strip of daikon, especially it is funny.

It is put at last, the skin touch is very good. 1 of those strange things which are puts in place the yolk exactly. I the yolk, the time it's it did don' t love still; unprocessed, it's of close direction; The taste and being, quality both is which is better really. The people in this way, their chickens and try Japanese that is made don't important, ideally; to must be worried about the sickness of the unprocessed yolk so.

Oog, my head hurts.

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  1. You have totally gone off the deep end, youngish man. I love it.