Monday, August 30, 2010

Edokko sushi, Kanda (江戸っ子寿司)

Edokko is a chain born and bred in Kanda, with a good half-dozen stores all clustered around the west entrance to the JR station. You've probably seen the yellow signs. Oh, unless you never go to Kanda, which I imagine is most of you. Well, here's the glamorous environment that they serve fine fish in. The original store is a block away in an alley, but this is one of the several they have along the street next to the tracks.

The chef was very young and punk, in a disinterested punk sort of way. This didn't get me too excited, but at 3 PM exactly (damn these endless meetings), one's choices are severely limited. And you know, the fish in the case looks OK, and they don't pre-cut it, and that's all pretty good when their signature Edokko Set is all of Y850.

Naturally it comes with tea and soup; being a low-end place, the soup comes at the beginning. One distinguishing feature here - the soup actually tasted like shrimp heads. I know that shouldn't be such a surprise, because any dummy can see the shrimp heads floating in it. It's just that usually the floaters, whatever they are, don't do much for the taste. Here, after some soaking, the soup really did taste like shrimp. Good!

Less than $10 for this? That's a good deal. Going across, the tuna, squid, salmon and snapper were all quite good, especially the very fatty salmon (see how it has the skin on? Weird.). Then the eel, egg and shrimp were more average. The roll was good, with both cucumber and minced tuna segments. And since it was Monday, there was a free 'service' of inari - the brown thing top-right, which is a pouch of fried tofu soaked in sweet syrup and stuffed with a shari of rice. In fewer words, the chef was young, punk and sloppy with his rice, but the fish was good enough that the whole thing was enjoyable.

Especially at 3 PM.

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