Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mazeru ramen, Akihabara (麺処 マゼル)

Mazeru? Yes, yes I will. With an offer like that, how could you not get excited?

It means 'stir', and the implication of the name and the sign is that you're going to get maze-soba (pronounced mah-zay), a lot like the junk from Junk Garage, for example. And that is a gooood thing.

I'm fond of places that are scrappy and trying to make a go of it. Although for ramen that might even be part of the chic, in some subcultures. Down this crappy hallway, a cheap office building, past the used camera store (cheap vintage Leicas), in a hole on the right,

they're doing it up.


Geez, I don't even think that requires explanation, except to say "There's a lot of noodle underneath."

That is all. 
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