Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ander, Marunouchi (新丸7回)

Have I mentioned how I go to a different place every day for lunch? No? I haven't mentioned it today? Good. Always nice to have an opportunity to show how clever one is.

Today saw a relatively broad chast of charachters heading down to Chin Maru, where my enthusiasm is newly rekindled by the remembrance of things 7th. The 'House' floor has a good set of places to eat, and I've been to almost none of them (other than So Tired and Sobakichi). Seems like the remainder of the year will see quite a few visits. Ander in particular has caught my eye before since it looks modern and nice (it's Italian, by the by), and today we hit it and quit.

I avoided it in the past because it seemed expensive; now they have Y1000 pasta sets in addition to the Y2000 appetizer-and-main or the Y3000 course. The Y1000 pasta (large tubes of pasta with cream sauce and shrimp, baked with some cheese, a little too thick and artificial but not bad; otherwise tagliatelle with nice-looking ragu that I didn't try) is an OK value since it includes a good coffee at the end. The Y2000 course looked distinctly weak in this iteration.

That's about all I feel compelled to say, honestly. But the web site describes it far better than I ever could:
The casual Italian restaurant of boast of the taste. Four young elite of cook offer simple and high-quality dishes at convinced price. Please enjoy with wine everyone's favorite time-tested local specialties and the lively created dishes in a free style.
Oh, they also offer some supplies for take-home including oil, tomato sauce, and most importantly a broad selection of parmesan cheese. Seriously - normal parmesan, special parmesan, 3-year, 4-year, 8-year and 'red cow' parmesan.

That's pretty neat.

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